Project Management

Complete project management

By using Tracy Scorr Interior Design we will go through a competitive tendering process to save you money. Our pre works services include:
1. Preparing budget estimates.
2. Obtaining quotes from contractors.
3. Arranging site visits for contractors.
4. Negotiating prices in a competitive tender process.
5. Completing contract documents for signature.

During the works

Tracy Scorr Interior Designs will administer the works on your behalf, oversee the site management, provide works cost reports and finialise the account on completion. This includes:

6. Liaising with suppliers throughout the works and ensuring that furnishings and fixtures and fittings are delivered, installed and dressed when required.
7. Point of contact for the contractors
8. Checking all insurances are in force.
9. Overseeing and advising you of any changes required and the implications of such.
10. Making site visits, preparing any required progress and cost reports you may wish for.
11. Arranging payments to contractors and suppliers.
12. Preparing the final account and any snagging works.


This arrangement ensures as smooth a delivery as possible for you. It spares you the hassles of the day to day handling that renovation and decoration demands. It allows you and your Interior Designer to concentrate on the design and focus on making all the key design decisions. We advise against self managing on any project but if you have the skills to schedule and organise we're happy to assist with our simple consultation service, where we visit and assess your project and then supply you with a written concept along with a list of suitable contractors / suppliers that you may wish to use to complete the project at your own pace.





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