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About Us

The founder of Tracy Scorr Interior Design Tracy, has worked for almost 10 years in the Interior Design industry. As a company we are very versatile and will suit all project budgets. We are highly efficient, enthusiastic and organized. Our professional team have a natural ability to satisfy all our client needs, no matter what the project. Our professional approach and our client confidentiality, is a must for every individual, couple or business we work with.

Tracy Scorr Interior Designs take an objective approach which means we get to know a little about you before the job, so we can familiarize ourselves with you and your family or business needs.
By getting to know our customers taste, style and needs, we can ensure a hundred percent satisfaction with your project.

The founder Tracy's Interior Design qualifications are from the internationally recognized "Limperts Academy of Design Dublin" these qualifications are amongst the best internationally recognized awards in interior design.

We take pride in every aspect of our design services, from meeting clients, consulting and on to completion of full design projects.


Tracy Scorr Interior Design can fully project manage your new house or business. For example instruction of all labourers in regard to building works, flooring, lighting, plastering, carpentry and plumbing, in addition to appointing decorators, upholsterers and curtain / blind companies
We also offer a simple consultation service, where we visit and assess your project and then supply you with a written concept along with a list of suitable contractors / suppliers that you may wish to use to complete the project at your own pace.





Tracy Scorr Interior Design cover an extensive range of services

Nursery design

Kitchen design / revamp

Sitting room design / revamp

Hallways / Entrances

Workarea design

Xmas decoration for the home both inside and outside

Bathroom design

Bedroom design

Up cycle of existing furniture to work within budget

Organization of your home
we will prepare clean and organize your selected rooms

Custom wall treatments paints, wallpaper, murals & decals.

Custom furniture design

Tracy Scorr Interior Design

Co Cavan, Ireland
Email:- tracy@tracyscorrinteriordesign.com
Mobile:- 0877 469564
Office:- 049 5556703